Our Process

I help women eliminate the emotional weight of weight loss so they can release the physical weight through a unique combination of high performance coaching, intuitive nutrition and physical fitness training.

The problem with the current state of the fitness industry is the lack of resilience training. The industry is overflowing with weight loss programs that focus solely on prescriptive workouts and nutrition programs. 

Many of my clients have joined gyms and weight loss programs in the past and quickly burned out after only a few weeks due to lack of motivation and results. 

I’ll create a unique program for you that will combine resilience coaching using HRV (Heart Rate Variability Training) with non-prescriptive fitness and nutrition coaching so we can address the deeper issues behind your health status and empower you to achieve optimal health and maintain your results for life. 

All of my clients start by booking a complimentary coaching session where together we will identify and implement a plan to optimize your health, decrease stress and improve performance. 

Your program will be completely personalized to your individual goals. We can meet 1 – 3 times per week via Zoom or in my private studio in Denver, Colorado.  I also offer small group coaching programs and weekend retreats. 

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